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Levi on the Radio – Wolf 101.5 FM Morning Show Dec 5, 2013


This is sooooo funny.  We have watched this a lot of times and laughed so hard.  I hope you like it too.
By Sergei Boutenko

This is the most fun ever! My and my parents all love this video and I show all of my friends.

If you are interested in the lyrics, my dad and I wrote them down after listening about 30 times!

Green Smoothie Hustla – Lyrics By Sergei Boutenko

Hey, to all my healthy hustlas out there
This is a song about green smoothies and doing the right thing

Yo – once upon a time I read a little green book
It was written by my mother about the journey we took
It discussed all our downfalls and what we did right
You can find it at the stores it’s called “Green For Life”

Now pretty darn quick it became ob-vi-ous
That adding greens to your diet, was an excellent plus
After learning the facts, I wanted to see how I’d weather
I bought a huge box of greens and a vita-mix blender
And blended a smoothie, and took one big sip
And now green smoothies and I are joined at the hip. Hip hip hip

I’m a green smoothie hustla
I blend kale and arugula
My green smoothies – they taste so bomb
I peddle green mix to everyone
I’ m a fan of everything that’s green
I’m making smoothies like you never seen
Blend up spinach with a perfect pear
Give it a try homie, if you dare

I’m the green smoothie hustla
That’s right kale and arugula
This elix-ir makes you feel good
I’m slingin smoothies in your neighborhood

What good is a message if it’s kept to yourself
It’s like a dusty old cabbage, stuck on the shelf
Once I learned how good this was I could no longer hide it
The power of greens with tasty sweetness behind it

An idea to hustle what I got
Other people market everything from ice cream to pot
If dealers could do it, then why couldn’t I?
My product is better and I’m a fun-healthy guy

I’m a green smoothie hustla
I blend kale and arugula
My green smoothies they taste so bomb
I peddle green mix to everyone

I’m a fan of everything that’s green
I put nettles in my blend machine
Add fruit to increase the yummm
To wake you up from your social numb

I’m a green smoothie hustla
Kale and arugula
Blend’in everything that’s green
In my vita-mix machine

And now you know what I like to do
Blend smoothies for me and you
A revolution is on the brink’in
Is gonna change what everybody’s drink’in

Pick up some greens and a bunch of fruit
And start hustling your neighbourhood
Be proud of your jar of muck
And spread the word that green smoothies rock

Go be a green smoothie hustla
Go blend some kale with arugula
Smoothies will make you feel good

Don’t give me that shoulda-woulda-coulda

Green smoothie hustla
Mix basil with some pa-pa-ya
Or collards and an asian pear
And take a sip like you just don’t care

Yo – don’t gimme that shoulda-woulda-coulda
Just don’t give it to me
I don’t want it – take it back

We are the raw food kids
What did you think this is?

Go make yourself a smoothie
Right now go home do it
Hustle it to your friends


My Favorite Fun Picture:

raw food levi profile picture






Me and Tim Van Orden – World Champion Trail Runner – Raw Vegan!:

Raw Food Levi And Tim VanOrden








Me and Dr. Doug Graham – The 80/10/10 Guy.  He is our friend and he helped us a lot:

Raw food levi and dr. doug graham








Me and my friends at the Woodstock Fruit Festival:

raw food levi and friends at woodstock fruit festival








This is me when I was little, eating green food:

raw food levi eating raw green food









The Perfect Banana

Raw Food Levi's Perfect Banana







book-raw food for kids

"Awesome Book Levi! I just got your book today, Sept. 13th. I am a elementary school teacher and can't wait to share your book and YouTube videos with all of the kids. They are going to love you! Keep sharing the message! " - Jeb