My Raw Food Journey From Birth To Now

To Show Other Kids and Their Moms And Dads How To Do It!

My New Book, “Raw Food For Kids” Is Now Ready To Order!  Just $7.00 plus s&h* US/CA
Happy Eating Salad-LeviHi!  I’m Levi and I asked my dad if I could make some videos to show other kids how I eat and how they can do it too.  Also their moms and dads because they might not know how.

I am a raw alkaline vegan and I will be forever, unless I change my mind.  I am 8 years old and I live in Canada.

When I was in Florida last year I wanted to make some videos and my dad videoed them.  I showed kids and their parents some of my favorite food, like bananas and raw zucchini hummus.

I liked making the videos.  At school a man that writes kids books showed us how to make a book, So I thought I could write a book about Raw Food and my diet and how I do it.  My dad said he would help me.

Soooooo, I started writing it on the computer but it took a long time because I don’t really know how to type very well yet.  So I asked my dad and mom to type it and I just talk.  I like to make it look good with bold and the right font size.  That’s fun.

MY BOOK IS NOW DONE!!!!  It has recipes and pictures and some things about my from when I was born until now (I just turned 9 but was 8 when I finished writing).   I will send you one in the mail for $7.00 and if you buy one then you get a free electronic copy (Kindle, PC, Mac) in a month or so.

I was saving up my money because I would like a tom and jerry movie (the mouse and the cat – they are funny) and a mini-bike, but I also want to save my money to go to the Woodstock Fruit Festival again next year.  I can’t wait to go.

So I hope this Website and Book help you if you are a kid or a parent.  I  now have 2 videos for you to watch and my dad is editing some more videos .  I can email you about that too if you want me to.  Also my dad said people are tired of emails and that he gets 200 a day, which is a lot.  So don’t worry because I won’t send you 200 emails.

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My New Book:raw food diet book recipes raw food levi3

Love Levi.

*shipping for Levi’s book within Canada and the USA is $1.50. We love shipping around the world but shipping is $4.00 so please select the International purchase button when you buy!  These shipping rates are still under out cost but we want to keep them reasonable 🙂


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"Awesome Book Levi! I just got your book today, Sept. 13th. I am a elementary school teacher and can't wait to share your book and YouTube videos with all of the kids. They are going to love you! Keep sharing the message! " - Jeb